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CCMPS3 Is Still Here, Contact Me xGhostHost, If You Need Anything.

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About Us

We are a community of gamers on PS3 that enjoy playing games how we want to play them, we do not support cheating/hacking other players profiles online etc... We do support Jailbreaking/Coding, LIVExMoD Creator Of 


i created this website to bring back the fun of being able to mod/hack games for fun but not ruining other peoples gaming experiences online, almost all of the "hacks"/"mods" on this site DOES NOT require a Jailbroken PS3, Wen it comes to CoD modding, a USB Flashdrive Is your Best Friend :D


#--There's a quote that we say : "One's freedom stops where the freedom of someone else's starts". In your example about cheating, you are free to mod your console any way you want, because it's yours, but you are not free to ruin someone's else freedom at enjoying their games, because their gaming experience is not yours, so you don't have a right to modify it.

-kakaroto, hacker/ps3 jailbreak creato